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Borman Village, in Flagstaff, Hamilton, provides everything you could possibly need. The hamlet, being a prominent suburb in the area, is equipped with all of the necessities to facilitate community expansion. Many of the establishments in Borman Village, such as a medical center, superette, and café contribute to the fulfillment of nearby resident requirements.


Lobell Construction was excited to be a part of Flagstaff’s new ‘Borman Village’, an important commercial center in the heart of Flagstaff. Lobell’s task was to build three of the five new structures, which took roughly two years. With all five buildings being put out to competitive tender, Lobell was proud of their success.

Lobell commercial co0nstruction - Borman Village
Borman Village Building 4

Before the companies rebrand, Keith first knew it as Lue Shaw Builders, and, although he did not know Lue personally, they shared mutual friends. Ian, a friend of Keith’s had hired Lobell Construction to build a retirement home that was just behind Borman Village. Interested in the process of structural buildings Keith visited the site where he met Leon Carr, Site Manager.

"I was impressed with the workmanship and quality which urged me to suggest to my team that instead of hiring labourers, we should be partnering with reputable building companies’’

Keith Wilson

This positive encounter between Keith and Lobell lead to the opportunity of pricing Pragma projects and building a great relationship. In June 2017 Lobell began construction on one of the apartment/retail sites within Borman village, with Craig Reid as Site Manager and Bill Young overseeing the project. The building was completed in just over seven months, and Keith had a ’great rapport with Craig and Bill’’.

Lobell commercial construction - Simply Cremations back view

In April 2018, Lobell Construction was hired again, with Leon as Site Manager a second building was constructed for Pragma at Borman Village. The project was finished in August 2018. Keith admired Leon's ‘’managerial approach on-site’’. Leon had a terrific way of motivating the boys to focus and work hard while also being able to enjoy the project.


Keith was not only impressed with Lobell's high-quality work, but also with the professionalism demonstrated with fortnightly site meetings held by Louis Managing Director and Lue Shaw, attended also by Duncan, who was monitoring the project, and Yiki, the Contracts Manager.  This allowed for open communication and trust with all project participants, allowing for minor adjustments and enhancements to be discussed freely for the greatest results.

Lobell Commercial Construction Hamilton - Tui Medical Center
Tui Medical Center
Lobell commercial construction - Borman Village
Borman Village Building 4

Next, was the medical center, this was to be Lobell Construction’s third build within the village, working along side Keith. Leon and the Lobell team began construction in May 2019, finishing in March 2020. Keith was impressed by Lobell Construction's degree of dedication.  Not only by the men on the ground, but also by Louis, Lue, and Yiki, who took the time to visit the site and monitor the progress. Lobell has remarkable building quality, according to Keith.

‘’All three buildings were at a very high standard. I had a positive and successful experience with Lobell Construction’’

Keith Wilson