Commercial Construction

Lobell Construction undertakes all types of commercial construction. From multi-story apartment blocks to specialist builds and restorations, our team are skilled and experienced ensuring your project is delivered to the highest standard.

For over 37 years we have had the privilege of building some fantastic properties.

Always at centre of our focus is you, our client.

We can design and build properties that span the spectrum of commercial development thanks to our experience and knowledge accumulated over many years and among many long-serving team members. We believe in providing a project that exceeds your needs, from multi-story apartment buildings to retrofits of health facilities and schools, earthquake strengthening, and customised housing for sports teams.

At the heart of everything we do is the personal touch. We believe that our consistent communication and personal touch are what set us apart. It is what our clients continually tell us and it is something we aspire to deliver on each and every project.

We are dedicated to delivering you a great project. One that serves you now and well into the future.

Hillcrest Apartments brings together a wide range of influences.

When zoning for a couple of houses owned by the New Zealand Training Centre close to the university, changed to high density, the opportunity arose to develop the land. Hillcrest Views Apartments was the New Zealand Training Centre’s idea for new living quarters for a greater number of students. Ray Macnee, Director of Hillcrest Views says;
“lnitially we worked with an architect to design an apartment building that reflected our values and the need for the students to have a place that was relaxing and spacious to live.”