St Joseph’s Catholic School New N Block and Classroom Redevelopment.


In 2019 Lobell won the tender to do a significant project at St. Joseph's Catholic School in Fairfield, Hamilton.  The school needed new learning spaces and wanted to create a better learning environment for the students.  Tim Gisler, director and architect from Gisler Artchitects was approached to come up with a plan that would suit the needs of the students and staff.


The plan that was approved had to be completed in two stages.  Stage 1 would include a new build of Block N consisting of two teaching spaces, a breakout space with a wet area and two covered outdoor areas complete with toilets.  Stage 2 would consist of the relocation and modification of 3 existing classrooms and include the building of new decks and covered verandas.

The site was quite challenging with several factors that had to be considered to keep everyone on site safe and to prevent any significant disruption of school activities.


We worked with Lobell on a major redevelopment of eight learning areas at St. Joseph's School, replacing old classrooms and upgrading existing ones.  For the teachers and students, it's been great to have an improved working and learning environment with new flexible learning spaces."

"The team at Lobell are on of the more professional firms I've worked with, it's clear they have great management systems in place and from my perspective everything they do and the way they operate makes you feel like you're in the hands of a quality company.  Their project management and planning skills are excellent"

Graeme Roil, Schools Property and Finance Manager, Hamilton Catholic Diocese.

From the architect Tim Gisler:  “We were thrilled when Lobell were successful with their tender for the St. Joseph's School redevelopment project.  We've worked with them on various projects for a number of years and find them to be reliable, efficient and just a great bunch of people.”

Relocated and adjoined classroom with new decks and steps.

The access to the building site was along the boundary of the school and beside existing classrooms.  The destination of the classrooms earmarked for relocation was on the other side of the remaining buildings which meant that they had to be craned over them.

With a tight timeline, the work had to be done in a time of year that is traditionally quite wet and this year was no different.

“They delivered a great standard of work and we really appreciated the way they followed up afterwards to make sure everything was delivered as expected. I'd say the best part about working with Lobell is the strong attention to detail and the fact they oversee their projects in a manner that ensures a consistently high level of workmanship.”


This particular project took place during a very wet winter, and this caused a few hiccups when it came to relocating building on the site.  Lobell took it all in their stride, managed it well and delivered the project on time and to budget.

Lobell Construction St Josephs School redevelopment
Well-used office space within the new N Block facility.
Lobell Construction St Josephs School redevelopment
New enclosed timber deck bag bay areas located between relocated classrooms.

"In this climate, everyone in the building industry is very busy, but Lobell are undoubtedly one of the best around when it comes to producing quality work.  They manage their projects really well and we know and trust that they can deliver on their promises.  They are speedy in their responses which is a godsend, and their communication with us, and between their offices and on-site staff, is excellent.  We know that we get a fair deal with Lobell and really enjoy working with them."

Tim Gisler, Director, Gisler Architects (2017) Ltd