Our Projects

Over 37 years we have worked on numerous prestigious projects throughout the Hamilton and Waikato regions.

We especially enjoy working on projects that offer something fresh and innovative and require fresh thinking. We are a diverse group with a wide range of experience, as shown by our work. Below is a glimpse of some of the projects we've had the pleasure of working on.

Canoe Racing Building

When Sport New Zealand wanted to centralise their training facilities and key infrastructure, Canoe Racing New Zealand were asked to look at Lake Karapiro as a potential site for their high-performance training centre. Rowing was already making its mark on the lake and cycling had moved into the nearby Cambridge Velodrome.

Lobell commercial construction - Simply Cremations

Carla Vaetoe knew that her company, Simply Cremations, needed a new building. They were leasing a building, but the impending purchase of a new cremator meant that the space and building would no longer be fit for purpose.

Lobell commercial construction - Simply Cremations
Lobell residential apartment construction - Hillcrest Views front view

When zoning for a couple of houses owned by the New Zealand Training Centre close to the university, changed to high density, the opportunity arose to develop the land. Hillcrest Views Apartments was the New Zealand Training Centre’s idea for new living quarters for a greater number of students.


The St Mary's Chapel conservation project required earthquake strengthening and specialist restoration skills to bring the chapel back to its former glory.

St Mary's Chapel in Hamilton East was built in 1926 on behalf of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions by Hargeaves, Stapleton & Rolfe builders of Hamilton.

Lobell commercial construction - Podium Lodge Athletes Village high wide view

Cambridge has become the hub of New Zealand High-Performance Sport, and Brian Perry Charitable Trust (BPCT) wanted to aid athletes, coaches, and teams to be able to make use of the facilities offered. Having purchased the land at 20 Peake Road, Cambridge, the BPCT decided to form a consortium to design and build an athlete’s accommodation lodge.

Lobell are a team of dedicated, experienced professionals committed to adding value and completing a building you are proud of.