TKKM o Bernard Fergusson Additional Learning Spaces.


In 2018, the Ministry of Education (MoE) informed TKKM o Brenard Fergusson SChool in Ngaruawahia that they were in line to be allocated additional teaching spaces.  The school had been growing and was in need of the space to provide a better learning environment for the staff and children.

Towards the end of 2019, the delivery manager appointed by the MoE contacted TKKM School Principal Paul W Royal to inform him that the improvements had been approved and the project was a go!

Interlink Modular had been appointed by the MoE to supply the buildings - these buildings are designed and built off-site and transported to the school grounds where they get installed by the builder.

Lobell has an existing relationship with the MoE and is a preferred service provider and was awarded the contract to handle the installation of the Interlink Modular units as well as the completion of the building fitout and accompanying decks and paths.


The delivery manager produced the plans and presented the school with two new teaching spaces, each with a pod that could be customised to suit whatever they saw fit.

The school met with Interlink Modular and together they decided on colour and the external claddings.  A good blend between new and existing structures was important to the school and easily accomplished due to the modular nature of the buildings.

In February 2020, Lobell was given full use of the school's carpark to set up their operations and start preparation of the site.  The carpark is situated in the prime location giving the Lobbell team direct access to the site and keeping the students completely separate from the building site without disrupting school activities.


"It was great having them on site, school activities could carry on and we didn't have to worry about school staff, vehicles or curious children getting in the way."

Work on site began in full in March of 2020 and the foundation was ready on 19 March 2020 for the modules to go, but the week it was scheduled to be delivered, New Zealand went in to the first lockdown of Covid-19.

Work stopped and everything was put on pause until May 2020.

One of the learning spaces with a raised ceiling and detailed finishings to give the class a clean and slick interior.
Lobell construction TKKM o Bernard Fergusson school project
A view from the rear of the building where the two combined pods that house the professional kitchen can be seen.

Being the resilient team they are, Lobell was eager to get back to work and everything resumed on 1 May 2020.  Changing the construction methods to abide by the increased health and safety requirements was a challenge, but the team was up to the task.

"It was a huge crane, quite an impressive sight to see!" commented the principal, Paul W Royal.

BY 9 July, an informal handover took place and the school could start making use of the new facilities.

"The facilities are perfect for our needs.  The benefits of these buildings are that you can add more to it if your needs grow or change.  The Ministry allowed the school to add some more extras to their new asset to expand on our ability to provide for our

learners.  The two pods were combined into one space where we installed a commercial kitchen with professional equipment.  The "Healthy Lunches Programme" initiative from the government enables us to utilise this kitchen and provide all our learners with a healthy meal every day."

Another pod has since been constructed as a woodworking facility, and the school plans to add another one for metal works.  This will allow the school to keep all the learners on the premises for all their classes.

"Throughout the build process, Lobell stayed well within their lane and stuck to the job at hand.  With communication through the delivery manager of the MoE, we were kept in the loop at all times and the project was executed without a problem or any disruption.  We were very happy with the result as the workmanship was at a very high standard."

Paul W Royal had this to say about Lobell:

“I would recommend them as the builders on any project of this sort. Quite the professional approach and they executed the build as it was designed. We are very happy with the result.”