Experience and People - the difference in crematorium build


Simply Cremations


Te Rapa, Hamilton

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Building a Crematorium is not your everyday project. Lobell’s team of experienced people made the process enjoyable for first-time developer and Simply Cremations owner Carla Vaetoe.

Carla Vaetoe knew that her company, Simply Cremations needed a new building. They were currently leasing but the impending purchase of a new cremator meant that the space and building would no longer be fit for purpose.

Carla owned a nearby carpark in Te Rapa, Hamilton which she had looked at selling. Selling would mean that anything could potentially be built there and for Carla that was not something she wished to ponder. Having decided that she could develop the land for the crematorium, she set about finding an architect who could help with the design of the new Simply Cremations building.

Peter Chibnall was the first Architect Carla spoke to and they quickly came to a meeting of the minds and began to put a plan together.

Designing a crematorium is not something that is done often so no one really knew what they were in for. Carla says,

“We had ordered a cremator from Florida in the US and none of us really knew what to expect. We had to go off the dimensions of the machine itself and design the rest of the building around that.”

With a comprehensive draft design complete and their existing relationship with Lobell, Peter put the project to Lobell for pricing.

Louis Shaw of Lobell says “Quoting a job like this was great. We love projects that bring something different to the table. We were thrilled to be a part of the job and to work with Peter and the Chibnall Buckell Team again.”

Having never completed a building project of this nature Carla was unsure of how things would unfold or what to expect. During the construction phase of the project Carla says that she appreciated the openness of the team to communicate with her on the progress of the build.

“Working with Lobell has been terrific. They helped us fine tune the quote and once the build started the monthly meetings onsite were really appreciated.”

One of the highlights for Carla was the team on the ground. She singles out Lobell staff members Mitch and Jason. Mitch and Jason have both been with Lobell for many years and their combined experience is a real asset to any construction project.

Carla says “Mitch and Jason were really good. They would talk to me about what would be best for the building and communicated well. They went above and beyond. They were able to provide sound and sensible advice and I quickly developed total confidence in them and the wider team.”

Architect Peter Chibnall says “Lobell did a great job with the Simply Cremations building. There are not many construction firms that have the expertise and size to manage a job of this nature in Hamilton”

And for Carla the final building is “AMAZING, I love it. I really do not have anything bad to say about Lobell.”

And Carla’s advice to would-be first-time developers “I just think you have to have faith in the people building it. Triple check what you think you want and what you are getting. Know your stuff, be involved in the build, do not just let it all happen around you. The more you get involved with Lobell the more they respond, and they work with you.”

“In the end it comes down to their people. The quality of a company is in the quality of the people you have on the ground and they were terrific. I cannot fault the Lobell team. If I were to do it again, I wouldn’t hesitate to go straight back to Lobell.”