Lobell Construction Yulinca

Yulinca T

Administration Manager

General Profile

Yulinca joined Lobell Construction in June 2021 as Administration Manager, taking over the long time role of Heather. Yulinca is a proactive and professional employee who adapts to any scenario with ease. Her wide mix of talents, certifications and previous experience In the construction sector, enable her to make a real difference. Yulinca is good at communicating with coworkers and clients, and goes above and beyond to ensure their requirements are met. She is a dedicated worker who prioritises her responsibilities effectively, resulting in high productivity. All of the qualities Yulinca contributes to Lobell Construction allow the company to function at its best.

As Administration Manager Yulinca will have a part to play on all Lobell projects.


  • VETTA Communication Pty – Supervisory & Leadership Skills
  • Laboursmart – Basic Law Relations
  • Wareham & Associates FSSC 2200 HACCP
  • First Aid Level 1
  • Performance Improvement Programme
  • Internal Audit Training

Key Skills

  • Time Management
  • Reliable
  • Organised
  • Adaptable
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Understanding of the construction industry